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   About iAdvantage™

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iAdvantage™ Project Management Assistance (PMA) is a web-based study design and management system which utilizes the global reach and flexibility of the Internet coupled with the robustness of an OracleŽ database. (Logical functional flow diagrams and corresponding descriptions are included below.) Designed from our experience with several multi-national agrochemical corporations and with the input of Field Research Investigators, it is the most advanced study design and management system in the agrochemical industry.

iAdvantage™ meets your critical study management needs by allowing you to quickly and efficiently define your study, generate electronic Field Trial Notebooks (eFTN) for the capture of field data, and easily report these data in the format you choose. Study protocols (plans), status or management reports, ad-hoc user queries and final reports are quickly and easily generated in your own format with complete text, tables and graphics, in your word processing software and in the language of your choice. iAdvantage™ provides you with global access to your study information where you need it and when you need it.

Utilizing iAdvantage™ means that Studies, from inception to conclusion, can now be computerized providing you substantial benefits:
  • Eliminate your report writing bottleneck by generating study reports in minutes, not weeks. You can ensure the timeliness of your registration submissions. Imagine the substantial increase in your sales revenue stemming from early product registration!

  • Avoid surprises!  By having real-time access to critical study data, you can effectively minimize your studies going astray. You can diminish time and financial expenditures associated with study re-work. You can also provide a quick response to last minute questions from regulators so your submission will not sit on someone's desk pending product approval while they wait for your reply!

  • You can link all your facilities to a single web-based system.  When it comes to GLP study management, you can now globalize your operations and increase efficiency on a global basis!

  • Substantially increase study management productivity.  By speeding up the work flow and reducing that inefficient paper load, you can increase study management productivity and drastically decrease your paper and associated costs!

  • You can reduce or eliminate in-house regulatory/GLP software development costs!  iAdvantage™ is ready-to-use, no software development required. In addition, since iAdvantage™ software resides on a central server and the user requires only an Internet browser, your IT/IS requirements for user, computer and software support are dramatically reduced!
We pride ourselves on responding to user requirements for different study types in iAdvantage™ PMA and eFTN. Currently iAdvantage™ accommodates the following study types:
  • Crop Residue and Decline
  • Residue Dissipation in Terrestrial, Aquatic and Forestry Environments
  • Transferable Foliar Residue
  • Plant Metabolism
  • Import Tolerance
  • Field Rotation Crop and Irrigated Crop
  • Ground and Surface Water
Please see the diagrams illustrating iAdvantage™ Project Management Assistance (PMA) and Field Trial Manager (FTM) functionality and the corresponding descriptions.

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