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   Field Trial Manager (FTM) and Electronic Field Trial Notebook (eFTN)

Field Trial Manager (FTM)

iAdvantage™ FTM manages the eFTNs, eFTN installation, eFTN Check-Out/Check-In function, and eFTN database used by the Field Research Investigator. Field Trial Manager provides features that make electronic data capture easier and more convenient for the Field Research Investigator.
  • Facility Logs

    Facilitates the Import of Field Facility information into the eFTN. Data such as Field History, Irrigation data, Weather data, Pesticides History, and Maintenance Pesticides are quickly imported without redundant transcription (and errors associated with transcription)

  • eFTN Check Out / Check In

    eFTNs can be Checked Out from the base computer to a laptop Computer for data entry in the field. The eFTN on the base computer is locked ensuring data security and integrity.

  • Send to Sponsor

    eFTNs are formatted and made available to email to the Sponsor for import into the PMA database in a simple pick, click, and drag interface.

Electronic Field Trial Notebook (eFTN)

The iAdvantage™ eFTN is the most user-friendly and intuitive electronic data capture notebook available for agrochemical research studies. How do we know this? The Field Research Investigators who use iAdvantage™ eFTN (and other products) tell us!
  • The eFTN is presented in a logical user-friendly interface of folder tabs and forms which looks like a notebook.

  • The forms in the notebook have been selected by the Study Director to meet his/her data/study requirements.

  • The forms are automatically populated with trial/study specific information which eliminates redundant data entry.

  • The forms were designed by scientists familiar with the EPA/PMRA/OECD guidelines for various study types.

  • The eFTN is fully-compliant with EPA/PMRA/OECD GLP requirements for data integrity and electronic data capture.

  • eFTNs are username / password protected.

  • Data entry and revision is monitored and stored in an Audit Trail with username/date/time stamp.

  • Various forms can be completed using data import linked to the Facility Records utility which save time and transcription errors.

  • Auto-calculations are embedded in the test substance application forms which eliminate hand-calculation and data entry errors.

  • Form printing utility makes printing single forms or the entire eFTN easy. The printed form looks like the page on the computer screen which facilitates review.

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