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   Development History

In 1990, to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness in the face of continued high volume growth of its Project Management Business, American Ag began the computerization of manual Project Management functions. In-house and independent software programmers were added by American Ag to ensure the timely and effective accomplishment of this task.

By early 1991, a Management Tracking Tool was developed, fully tested and released for internal American Ag use. By 1994, a Financial Tracking Module, a QA Module and a Field Trial Notebook Generator module were also developed, tested and released for internal use.

In 1996, the decision was made to update the software platform and integrate the modules into a networked environment. By 1998, not only had the modules been integrated and networked but the functionality had been enhanced such that electronic data collection in the field was now possible through the eFTN (electronic Field Trial Notebook) and study status monitoring was available through a web site.

In 1999, Version 4.0 of Advantage™ PMA (Project Management Assistance) and Advantage™ eFTN was released to several American Ag clients (Agrochemical Sponsors and Field Contractors) for evaluation. Although, up to this point, Advantage™ had been an effective internal American Ag study management tool, feedback indicated that Advantage™ would fill an existing need within the agrochemical industry for cost effective data collection and study management. As a result, the decision was made to release Advantage™ on a commercial basis in 1999 to the agrochemical market. In 2000, Version 5.0 of Advantage™ PMA and eFTN was released for use by our clients in North America and Europe.

By 2000, American Agricultural Services had become a full-service software development firm. As we charted and subsequently responded to the future computing requirements of the agrochemical R&D industry, we began development of a web-based version of Advantage™ PMA. In 2001, iAdvantage™ PMA was released to the agrochemical industry. As a web-based system and utilizing a powerful Oracle database, iAdvantage™ meets the global needs of a merging agrochemical marketplace.

In 2003, a separate software development company, iAdvantage Software, Inc. was incorporated. The software intellectual property of American Ag was transferred to iAdvantage Software, Inc. American Ag continues to market software products to the ag-chem market, whereas iAdvantage Software, Inc. develops and markets products into the broader life science arena.

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