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   Project Management Assistance (PMA)

iAdvantage™ PMA is more than an electronic field trial notebook!  There are other electronic data capture products on the market, however they do not provide the toolset that allows the Study Director to quickly and easily define / design their study (and resulting eFTNs), monitor progress, and report the results.

  • iAdvantage™ PMA is built on an Oracle® database. This means that you can create hundreds of studies, collect data from thousands of field trials, over many, many years and it can all be in one secure robust database.
  • PMA contains Resource tables for information regarding Users, Project Managers, Study Directors, Study Monitors, Field Research Investigators, Laboratories, Companies, Formulations, Active Ingredients, Other Substances, etc. Information is input once then is available to all Users without the need to re-enter this information.
   Sample Number / Label Generator
  • Logical Wizard steps allow the User to create study sample lists with full descriptions within a matter of minutes, even for large/complex dissipation or groundwater studies.
  • Sample descriptions and numbers can be imported from or exported out to other systems or spreadsheet files.
  • Prints Sample labels with Bar Codes.
   Notebook Generator
  • Compiles all the study and trial design information to produce trial-specific electronic Field Trial Notebooks (eFTN) with Test Substance, Treatment, Sample, and other Study-design information embedded in the eFTN.
   Document Generator
  • Your existing word processing software is utilized. (Users already trained!)
  • User defines templates and generates reports and queries in their format.
  • Query function includes value delimiters to allow for easy parsing of information.
  • Web-based reporting. (Access information from anywhere at anytime!)
  • Eliminates multiple query and reporting systems. (Reduced initial and ongoing costs!)
  • No IT/IS User support required!
   Sample Tracking & Analytical Results Reporting (STARR)
  • Tracks Sample activity from Sample collection through receipt to Sample analysis
  • Imports summary Analytical information into the PMA database for the study and, utilizing Document Generator, automatically inserts this information into the Final Study Report.

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