iAdvantage Field Trial Manager Licensees April 24, 2018

iAdvantage™ Field Trial Manager Licensees

U.S. Companies
Company Name Location Last
A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.  Dundee, NY  March, 2005 
A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.  North Rose, NY  March, 2005 
ABC Laboratories  Columbia, MO   
ABG AG Services  Sheridan, IN  March, 2016 
Access Research & Consulting  Fresno, CA  June, 2008 
Ag Consultants, Inc.  New Holland, OH  March, 2006 
Ag Consulting, Inc.  Mount Dora, FL   
Ag Research Associates  Chula GA  April, 2004 
Ag Research Associates  York, NE  May, 2008 
AgraServ, Inc.  American Falls, ID  May, 2014 
AgraServ, Inc.  Weston, ID   
AgResource, Inc.  Arkansaw, WI   
Agri Business Group  Indianapolis, IN  March, 2005 
Agri-Business Consultants, Inc.  Okemos, MI   
Agricultural Advisors, Inc.  Live Oak, CA  April, 2003 
Agricultural Research of Wisconsin  Madison, WI  March, 2016 
Agricultural Systems Asoc.  Kinston, NC  March, 2005 
Agricumbia Resources Co., Ltd.  Richmond, TX  April, 2004 
Agrisan, Inc.  Eaton, CO  April, 2006 
AgriScope, LLC.  Athens, GA  April, 2010 
Agri-Search  Plainview, TX  March, 2005 
Agrobiology Research, Inc.  Memphis, TN   
Agro-Tech, Inc.  Velva, ND  March, 2004 
AGSEARCH Company  Conklin, MI  April, 2013 
AgSolutions, Inc.  Corvallis, OR  March, 2005 
AGSTAT  Verona, WI  March, 2005 
AGVISE Research, Inc.  Northwood, ND  April, 2016 
ALLtech Research & Development  Sparta, IL  April, 2001 
Arid Ag-Research  Maricopa, AZ  March, 2002 
AshGrow Crop Management Systems, Inc.  Glen Allen, VA  July, 2004 
AshGrow Crop Management Systems, Inc.  Suffolk, VA  August, 2006 
Attaway Field Research  Ukiah, CA  April, 2004 
Barr Agricultural Services  Newport, AR   
Bennett Agricultural Research and Consulting  Richland, IA  March, 2017 
Bio Research  Fresno, CA  March, 2001 
Biological Research Service  College Station, TX  May, 2004 
BLD Consulting Services  High Point, NC   
California Ag Research  Kerman, CA  April, 2004 
Carolina Ag-Research Service, Inc.  Elko, SC  March, 2004 
Chemtrol Scientific  Edenton, NC   
Coastal Ag Research, Inc.  East Bernard, TX  December, 2015 
Coastal Research Services  Paso Robels, CA  August, 2011 
Collins Ag. Consultants, Inc.  Hillsboro, OR  February, 2005 
Columbia Ag Research, Inc.  Hood River, OR  April, 2004 
Crop Guard Research, Inc.  Hinton, OK  December, 2014 
Crop Management Strategies, Inc.  Hereford, PA  March, 2015 
Crop Science Services  Aromas, CA  March, 2004 
Crow River Ag Research  Paynesville, MN  March, 2003 
Diamond Ag Research, Inc.  Larned, KS  January, 2015 
Dragon Run Ag Services  Suffolk, VA  June, 2013 
Easton Agri-Consulting  Bagley, IA  May, 2012 
Elison Consulting Service  Blackfoot, ID   
Excel Research Services, Inc.  Fresno, CA  January, 2004 
Florida Ag Research  Dover, FL  October, 2010 
Florida Pesticide Research  Oviedo, FL  July, 2014 
G & D International  Spring, TX   
G&H Associates, Inc.  Tillar, AR  June, 2004 
Glades Crop Care, Inc.  Jupiter, FL  March, 2015 
Great Lakes Agricultural Research Service  Delavan, WI  April, 2016 
Great Plains Crop Services  Groom, TX  March, 2005 
Hall, LLC  Ojai, CA  March, 2002 
Harbor QA Services  Henderson Harbor, NY   
Hawaiian Agriculture Research Center  Aiea, HI  January, 2015 
Heartland Technologies, Inc.  Noblesville, IN  February, 2004 
Hopkins Ag Services  Portland, TX  July, 2004 
Hulst Research Farm Services, Inc.  Hughson, CA  February, 2005 
Illinois Ag Research LLC  Carlyle, Illinois  March, 2015 
IR-4, Michigan State U  E. Lansing, MI   
Jensen Ag Consultants, Inc.  Washington, LA   
Kootenai Valley Farm & Research  Bonners Ferry, ID  March, 2005 
LABServices  Hamburg, PA  March, 2001 
Land O'Lakes, Inc.  Webster City, IA  April, 2003 
Lockwood Consulting  Wolcott, NY   
Marathon Ag & Environmental Consulting  Las Cruces, NM  March, 2004 
Massey Consulting  Orlando, FL   
Michigan Ag Research  Albion, MI  May, 2015 
Mid-South Ag Research  Proctor, AR  July, 2015 
Midwest Research, Inc.  York, NE  February, 2013 
Miller Research, Inc.  Rupert, ID  March, 2004 
MKI Ag Research  St. Joseph, MO  March, 2005 
MOARK Agricultural Research, LLC  Fisk, MO  September, 2013 
Monsanto  St. Louis, MO  April, 2008 
Nebraska Ag Research  York, NE  May, 2015 
Northern Plains Agricultural Research  Fargo, ND  August, 2013 
Oklahoma State University  Stillwater, OK  May, 2002 
Paca Ag  Larned, KS  March, 2004 
Pacific Agricultural Research Corp.  San Luis Obispo, CA  March, 2015 
Paden Pinnacle Ag Services, Inc.  Somerton, AZ  May, 2001 
Perspective Consulting  Sarasota, FL   
Pest Management Enterprises, Inc.  Cheneyville, LA  May, 2017 
Plant Research Services  Bethel, MO   
Prairie Ag Reseach, Inc.  Britton, SD  March, 2004 
Qualls Agricultural Labs  Ephrata, WA  September, 2013 
R & D Research Farm, Inc.  Washington, LA  February, 2015 
Reality Research  Williamson, NY  May, 2015 
Research 2000  Chico, CA  April, 2010 
Research Designed for Agriculture  Yuma, AZ   
Research For Hire  Porterville, CA  February, 2016 
Research Frontiers  Indianapolis, IN   
Research Options, Inc.  Montezuma, GA   
Research Options, Inc.  Winter Garden, FL  January, 2001 
Research W.E.S.T.  Moses Lake, WA   
Ripple Agricultural Research  Wall, TX  July, 2013 
Rocky Mountain Research & Consulting  Center, CO  June, 2000 
Ron Britt & Associates  Yakuma, WA  April, 2014 
SGS  Brookings, SD  June, 2013 
SGS  Carlyle, IL  May, 2009 
SGS  Highland, IL  May, 2013 
SGS  Rockville, IN  May, 2008 
SGS  Troy, KS  April, 2013 
SGS  Wyoming, IL  May, 2013 
SGS  York, NE  April, 2013 
Shoffner Farm Research, Inc.  Newport, AR  March, 2010 
Siarco, Inc.  Parma, ID  March, 2005 
Siemer and Associates  Fresno, CA   
Smith Biological Services  Payette, ID  April, 2004 
South Central Ag Research  Comanche, OK  March, 2005 
South Dakota Ag Research, Inc.  Centerville, SD  September, 2006 
South Texas Ag Research  Brookshire, TX  April, 2004 
South Texas Ag Research  Levelland, TX  February, 2005 
South Texas Ag Research  Raymondville, TX  September, 2017 
South Texas Ag Research  Uvalde, TX  March, 2013 
Southeast Ag Research, Inc.  Chula, GA  June, 2016 
Stewart Agricultural Research Services, Inc.  Macon, MO  May, 2000 
Stoneville R & D, Inc.  Stoneville, MS  February, 2002 
SynTech Research  Stewardson, IL  March, 2013 
SynTech Research  Visalia, CA  March, 2004 
Tidewater Agronomics, Inc  Belvidere, NC  March, 2013 
TRACS  Visalia, CA  May, 2001 
University of Kentucky  Lexington, KY  March, 2004 
VARCO Ag Research  Jerome, ID  February, 2016 
Viger Agri-Research  Campbell, MN  April, 2004 
Virginia Polytechnic  Shawsville, VA  June, 2004 
Warnke Research Service  Geneva, MN  February, 2014 
Weed Systems, Inc.  Hawthorne, FL   
Welch Agricultural Services, Inc.  Bradenton, FL  August, 2004 
Western Biochemical Consulting, Inc.  Hubbard, OR   
Windward Company  Gig Harbor, WA   

International Companies
Company Name Location Last
Ag-Quest  Minto, MB  June, 2016 
AgQuest (Alta) Inc.  Taber, AB  March, 2016 
AgQuest, Inc.  Alberta, Canada   
AgQuest, Inc.  Manitoba, CANADA  April, 2004 
AgQuest, Inc.  Saskatoon, Canada  April, 2004 
Agrion  Melegnanao, IT   
Agrisearch CC  Republic of South Africa   
AgriSearch-Bundaberg South  Australia  January, 2009 
AgriSearch-Gosforth  Australia   
AgriSearch-Orange  Australia   
AgriSearch-Shepparton  Australia   
Agroblu  Caselle di Sommacampagna (VR), Italy   
Agroblu  Rho (Mi), Italy  August, 2003 
Agroblu  Thermi, Greece   
Agroblu Espana  Alboraya, SP  September, 2002 
Agrodesarrollos  Argentina  December, 2013 
AGROLAB  Sindos, Greece   
Agroplan  Goch-Nierswalde, Germany  May, 2002 
Agros  Guatemala  May, 2006 
Agrostat  Herrentierback, GE  June, 2002 
Anadiag  Haguenau, France   
Atlantic AgriTech, Inc.  Hunter River, CANADA   
B&S Residue  Dame-Marie-Les-Bois, France  June, 2003 
B&S Residue  St. Pe St. Simon, France  June, 2003 
BioScience Research CC  Republic of South Africa   
Biotek Agriculture  Beijing  November, 2011 
Biotek Agriculture  Saint-Pouange, France  October, 2011 
Braulio Cabrera Valle  Los Mochis, Sinaloa  April, 2013 
Bredelaar  Elst, The Netherlands  July, 2003 
CEMAS  North Ascot, United Kingdom   
Central Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Bangkok  October, 2011 
CIRAH-FLHOR  Martinique   
Cyanamid Agro  Bologna, Italy   
Cyanamid Agro  Cambridge, UK   
Cyanamid Agro  Le Plessis Hebert, France   
Desmond Van Der Linde  Republic of South Africa   
Disa BioTechnologies CC  Republic of South Africa   
Ecologistics Research Services  Thorndale, Ontario  September, 2014 
EEA Mendoza, INTA  Mendoza, Argentina  January, 2007 
Fernando Mansilla  Guatemala, C.A.  July, 2008 
Field Research Support  Hanover, GE  June, 2002 
Hack  Valencia, SP   
Hellafarm  Maroussi, Greece   
ICMS, Inc.  Abbotsford, BC, CANADA  June, 2016 
ICMS, Inc.  Fort Saskatchewan, AB  April, 2016 
ICMS, Inc.  Leduc, AB, CANADA   
ICMS, Inc.  Okanagan Falls, BC, CANADA  August, 2016 
ICMS, Inc.  Portage la Prairie, MB, CANADA  April, 2016 
ICMS, Inc.  Saskatoon, SK  April, 2016 
INTA  Argentina   
Jorge Gadban  Santa Marta, Colombia  April, 2006 
Marbicon, Inc.  Berwick, Nova Scotia, CANADA  July, 2014 
NEW-MARC  Quebec, Canada  May, 2016 
Oxford Agricultural Trials  Bicester, United Kingdom  May, 2002 
Oxford Plant Sciences  Bicester, United Kingdom  May, 2002 
Prestagro  Bourgoin-Jallieu, France   
Promo-Vert  Avignon, France  February, 2003 
Promo-Vert  Bordeau, France  October, 2002 
Promo-Vert  Reims, France  October, 2002 
Promo-Vert  Serres-Castet, France  October, 2002 
Recerca Agricola  Catarroja, Spain  June, 2003 
Recherche Trifolium, Inc.  St. Paul d'Abbortsford, CANADA Quebec  May, 2004 
Redened  Wijnansrade, The Netherlands  May, 2003 
Screeners Development CC  Republic of South Africa  January, 2009 
SGS - Gravena  Brazil  December, 2012 
Staphyt  Champagne, France  May, 2002 
Staphyt  Inchy-en-Artois, France  June, 2002 
SynTech Research  Argentina  December, 2013 
Three Links AgResearch Limited  Fairview, AB, CANADA   
Trialcamp  Valencia, SP   
University of Costa Rica  Costa Rica  November, 2007 
Vaughn Agricultural Research Services Ltd.  Ontario, Canada  June, 2016 
Versuschwesen Pflanzenschutz  Burgwedel, Germany   

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